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Yes that's right, we had a interview with THE HARDKISS \o/

I'll start this post saying thank you to THE HARDKISS for accept answer our questions, it's very important to us and it's a big honor to us to have the opportunity to make a interview with you guys. Especially thanks to Julia and Egor Kiryanov 

Julia: -Hello! Sending replies Julia Sanina (frontwoman of the group). Thank you!

1. What was the idea to create "The HARDKISS"?  
2. How did you guys meet each other? (or) How was the band formed?
-I was raised in musical family and developed as a jazz singer, participating in various jazz festivals and competitions before The Hardkiss. Val was studying in London Central Saint Martins and tried himself in directing, in Kiev he was a producer for the MTV Channell Ukraine. Then we met and devised to combine our skills in one band The Hardkiss. Then mysterious drummer Kreechy joined us. This year we also found guitarist Roman and pianist Vitaliy.

3. How did you guys decided the name of the band?
-The name of the band, The Hardkiss, implicates the diversity. It is a mix of something soft, tender, sweet and melodic together with a hardbeat and great drive. Our first album name is «Stones and Honey» also keeps this idea up.

4. How is the process of creating of your music? I say this because every artist has an inspiration. 
-Usually I’m creating a vocal melody and lyrics and then Val starts to experiment with a sound, beat - he is our music producer. Inspiration… I think you can get it in very different ways and usually it’s very unexpectedly!)

5. Since when I saw the photo of you on instagram with Kazaky, I heard your music. I see a blend of rhythms. How do you rank yourself in the world of music?
-It’s ok when the music is various in a first album, we are searchin our sound. We call our style progressive pop, it’s much harder and more complicated than pop, but it’s not a rock yet.

6. How was the opening show of Hurts in 2011? The experience must have been incredible, what word would describe the feeling?
-yes=) It was one of our first preforming in front of a big audience. Fortunately our music was the same style as Hurts’ so people liked us, we saw a great feedback next day in our social net pages. It was cool to talk to Teo about our music, he is a cute guy)

7. Babylon is the first single, but before that did you had already thought about another song?
-There was a project called Val and Sanina, which has nothing to do with our current band. We tried, unsuccessfully, to combine Russian lyrics with dance music, and even shot a video. The problem was that we had both been brought upon Western music and that was where our hearts were. We decided to quit it and start a new. But I also have the positive experience in cooperation with DJs, for example Dj Ulisses Nunes – Brazillian Fire – quite a track!

8. How do you feel having won many awards in so little time?

-We are working hard and have a very good team. We feel like we worth all our awards.

9. How did you meet the boys of KAZAKY?
-We knew each other for 3 years, we were very proud of them. When we became more confident and our music became popular not only on Ukraine but abroad we proposed Kazaky to do something cool together. I think we’ve made it=)

10. The music Strange Moves is a joint composition? How was recording with the boys?
-Yes it’s a joint composition. We had a lot of fun during a recording, laughing a lot and creating.

11. What can we expect in the next singles? And the new show?
-A Big show was our dream and now it comes true. Huge concert hall, 6-meters scenery, professional actors. It’s gonna be The Hardkiss gloomy fairytale. A new album is gonna be more integrated and hard. It will be more hard than kiss.

12. How is the process of creating the costumes?
-Our image is every bit as important as our music is. Stylist and hairguru, Slava Chaika and Vitaliy Datsyuk are the important people in our team. Every performance is a new look. This season we are makin danstresson a coloured wigs.

13. Intend to come to Brazil or any other country of America?
-Sure, we hope so, please watch our facebook to see our news and playbills.

14. What song you can't stop listening on the headset?
-Strange Moves of course!

15. Tell us a phrase that describes you well.
-I’m the only one girl in a men’s group.

You can listen to Stones and Honey on Spotify now!

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